Our service technician Fredrik Gustavsson has worked at Woodlite since 2011. He is a positive person that probably can fix and build anything.

How would you describe yourself in a few sentences?
– I am happy, positive and full of fun. I guess you could say I´m the clown of the service department.

How come you started working at Woodlite?
– When my partner did a massage for one of her grandmas friends, it turned out she was my current colleague Katrinna´s mom. That way Katrinna found out I was looking for a job, and seven years later I am still here.

Whats the most fun part of your job?
– That I have such great colleagues and that we all get along so well. And of course it is fun to get a close look of all the new products arriving here (like all the time). Smoke machines are a favourite.

Whats happening at work right now?
– This week, 104 pieces of nearly new SGM Q-7 arrived to the warehouse and are getting “Woodliteified”. Otherwise it is not all too much; not that many returning hires this week.

When youre not at work – what are you doing?
– When I am not at work, I spend the most of my time with my partner and our 2-year old daughter. During summer I fish a lot – an interest since I was a kid and we spent our days at my grandmother´s summerhouse. This year I´ve began to grow stuff, like for example vegetables. My daughter helped me as well. I shared some tomato plants with my colleagues and I think they appreciated it. For next season, I am scaling up with more land and a variety of vegetables. I have built my own app to better control the needs of my cultivation. The app is based on the Arduino technique, which I´m also planning to build a radio-controlled snow plough from – we´ll see if I get the time for that.