Filmgear Spacelight 6 x 1000w Softlight

Consists of six 1K nook lights configured like spokes of a wagon wheel, pointing down into the white diffusion silk cylinder. At the bottom of the silk cylinder is a round diffusion ring to which a diffusion material or gel can be clipped.
The Space Light provides overall scattered light for interior scenes. Excellent for ‘exterior’ settings where they simulate skylight, or large-area lighting; its use for most interiors is questionable. Spacelights are commonly hung throughout a very large set to fill the space with a general soft overhead illumination.

The white silk skirt can be used for a multi-directional chinese lantern look. The black silk skirt can be used to direct that soft light downward creating a pool of soft light.

Voltage 230V
Lamp Type 1000W 3200K (P2/20)
Lamp Holder R7s
Class / IP Rating1 / IP 20
Max. Surface Temp 220º C
Max. Ambient Temp 45º C
Min. Distance to Illuminated Object 5 m
Min. Distance to Flammable Object 1.5  m
Weight (Lamphead) 9.4 kg
With black & silk skirt and target 18.3 kg

Effectlight - SpaceLight 6kW Skirt