• Changing perceptions of business within entertainment lighting


• Facilitating ambition and ability into achievement
• Creating change with human diversity
• First in mind, first in choice

What do you believe in?

Celebrating 20 years in business, driven daily by our mission “facilitating ambition and ability into achievement, creating change with human diversity, first in mind first in choice” with a strong vision “changing perception of business within entertainment lighting”  guiding us through challenging and exciting times and keeping us on a progressive path forward.

To begin with, I want you to follow me back in time, to the year 1995, then Woodlite first opened it’s doors. Back then we were a small production company with a small crew and a limited amount of equipment in stock. But what we did have was a lot of ambition, heart and soul. And that took us to this date in 2015, a journey with hard work, long hours, set backs and joy. Well…Its easier to go downhill but the view is from the top. Nowadays we are a much larger company with a lot more resources at hand, and we have since 2005 shifted our focus to supplying you with production resources, mainly lights and rigging. The benchmark in our way of business is what we believe you want your hire to be perfect, delivered to the place where ever you want it, and in time. Sounds simple enough. We always strive to make this happen. We also believe that you want your equipment from a hire in a mint condition, maybe almost in a brand-new-shape. Well, we cannot make a 2 year old fixture brand new. But we can tend to the fixture, nurse it, serve it so it acts like a brand new fixture. And the same goes to all the other equipment we have in stock. We want your experience to be as good as it can be, from delivery via production to pick-up. That’s why we have implemented a rigorous care and attention to details.

As a hire company

we offer lighting technology with specificity. We have a wide variety of fixtures that gives you freedom of choice. We are very good at delivery and equipment reliability. Our offer provides both increased profitability and stability. Our main business consists of supplying production resources.
Not handling our own projects, Woodlites rental stock is there to support you in putting together unique and great shows and delivering the best result for your client. Do you need more than simply hardware? We have chosen to compliment our main business with logistics and technical support. Woodlite is located in Karlstad and Stockholm. We’ve been around since 1995 and we aim to change perceptions of business within entertainment lighting.

As a company we have existed to this date for 22 years. During these years, we have collected a whole lot of experience. Experience that we have learned from and now incorporate in our main business. Due to the fantastic feedback we get from our customers, our beliefs has grown stronger during the years.

But the most important of all the things to mention is,
just as in 1995, we still put a huge amount of ambition, a big sincere heart and a whole lot of soul in our way of business.

This is our core, fuel and what we believe in:

We believe in working hard and efficient
We believe in the human element
We believe in challenging ourselves and challenging status quo
We believe in doing good
We believe we are small enough to care
We believe we are big enough to serve
We believe in a sense of urgency
We believe in double loop learning
We believe in long-term relationships
We believe in being significant

Do you believe, what we believe in?