Viper Performance on lease


A package of 8 used MAC Viper Performance in a 36 month lease! 5 999 SEK/month, including 12 months of warranty. Comes in dual cases and includes clamps and safety wire. Terms and condition For Swedish customers only. International customers can contact karl.jansson@woodlite.se for further information. Price excluding VAT & shipping. Item is sold in [...]

Sharpy Wash on lease


A package of 12 pcs of used Clay Paky Sharpy Wash on a 36 month lease. 2 996 SEK/month, 12 months warranty included! Includes part in dual case, clamp, safety wire and cable. In terrific condition. Previously used on various hires. Always tested, cleaned and maintained inbetween hires by inhouse service technicians. Terms and conditons [...]

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