From Scotland to Sweden and Woodlite. Our logistics Inbound Manager Ashley Miles have now been here for 12 years.

How would you describe yourself in a few sentences?
– I am a happy, kind, hard-working and grumpy old man. I´m also a noble Scotsman.

How come you started working at Woodlite?
– In the year 2007, my partner (who is from Sweden) and I made the decision to move to Sweden from Scotland. After working in a similar line of business in Scotland, I found Woodlite and got to see Magnus Jansson. I tried working here for a couple of days and was promised 3 weeks of work when we had moved here. Those 3 weeks are now 12 years.

Whats the most fun part of your job?
– My colleagues, lots of laughter, open communication and a feeling of every one taking responsibility. The company and the staff are constantly evolving.

Whats happening at work right now?
– It´s a pretty typical January, with a number of fairly big hires that are on a show for just a few days before coming back to us. So there have been some intense days. We are also marking a LOT of new cable for our new directly controlled hoists.

When youre not at work – what are you doing?
– Above all, I like to spend time with my family. I also have a lot of interest in film, music and rugby.