We are welcoming Movecat PROstage D8+ 1000kg and Movecat UPplus D8+ 320kg to our stock of rental products.

The new hoists have just arrived at the warehouse and are making a first stop at the service department – as always, we are taking good care of the equipment before sending it out to you.

– This gives you as a customer an even greater opportunity to have a safe, well-functioning and successful show, says CEO Magnus Jansson.

The Movecat PROstage D8+ is a rigging hoist with a high loadbearing capacity, compact dimensions and low unladen weight. It is capable of carrying safe working loads of 1000 kg whilst having almost identical dimensions to, and being only slightly heavier than, a 500 kg D8+ rigging hoist.

As for the Movecat UPplus D8+ 320kg, it is an electric chain hoist based on the tried-and-tested Compact series. The design objective was to satisfy the demanding requirements of use with events equipment and to combine safety of operation with an ultra-compact, lightweight format to guarantee simple and practice-optimized handling.

Contact magnus@woodlite.se for quotes.