– It is our social responsibility to do good for people who do not have their own opportunities, says Magnus Jansson, CEO of Woodlite.

Woodlite supports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) globally and Hela Människan RIA locally. Humanity is what drives us to do good. We hope that our commitment will influence suppliers, customers and friends to do the same.

– We hope that more people want to drive the development towards a long-term sustainable world. When we do good, we also feel good, says Magnus.

We deliver lamps and lighting technology with associated infrastructure both within Sweden and to almost 20 other countries around the world. Magnus believes that there must be an awareness that we operate in a context both in a smaller and a larger perspective, and that we ourselves in many ways live a privileged life.

– The starting point for the organizations we support is that all people are equally worthy and that those living in a vulnerable situation deserve support. Equal treatment should be a self-evident matter, Magnus concludes.