Followspotting made easy; rent and be ready. We´re expanding our range of follow spots with the BMFL FollowSpot LT from Robe Lighting.

Recently arriving at our warehouse, all the 16 brand new fixtures have been checked by our service department and are available for hire. Everything is set for you to have a safe and quick start at your gig.

– The BMFL LT is a further adding to the RoboSpot system that we also have available for hire, says CEO Magnus Jansson.

The FollowSpot LT is designed for the larger venue that requires a longer throw distance, tighter beam and greater output power. It´s the same size and weight as the standard BMFL FollowSpot, which is substantially smaller than other products of similar power.

Like the standard BMFL FollowSpot, the LT can be operated as a manual, stand-alone follow spot using the Robe LightMaster-Side and LightMaster-Rear control kits. Similarly, the LT can be operated remotely using the Robe RoboSpot remote follow spot system.

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